Why Good Fashion Is Vital To A Happy Social Life & Helps Meeting The Girl Of Your Dreams In Modern Society.



Male Fashion is the number one key element to finding new and exciting friends, gaining positive attention and finding the girl of your dreams in modern society.

Here is why:

Social media has changed how we interact with each other and first impressions are now more important then ever.
We are more connected now more then ever. Every week we meet more people then a man in the 1800's might of ever met in their entire lives.


The amount of people we encounter in our daily lives has caused our brains to develop and change - and research shows that when meeting someone we subconsciously go through a process called Social Screening.


What is Social Screening?

  • Social Screening is a set of self requirements/criteria we automatically do when meeting a new person.
  • We use it to decide whether there is value in spending more time with that person.

Here is an example:

Imagine you are hiring people for a job - over 200 people have applied. It would not be worth your time to interview every applicant - this is because most of the applicants would not be ready for the job. Having everybody come for the job interview would be a low value process for both the business owner and the candidates.


Clothing is a key element in the social screening process in the modern day world. We can thoroughly understand every person we meet in our lives. A lot of the people we meet are simply not cost effective to spend our time with and learn about and would be a loss of time just like the job interview.

Clothing is one of the key elements people use to identify who they might easily be able to connect with - this is when they decide that you have passed there social screening.


How will this help me in relationships?

Research shows that Social Screening plays a heavy part when finding an ideal partner. It is Hugely Important for guys nowadays to have a crisp and clean outfit with good cuts. The average girl nowadays meets over five different men a day. This can be through many ways such as friends, work and clubs.

A huge amount of these new people girls meet everyday will come across as 'creepy men' - so this already increases your chances. Having the right clothes helps you pass the first initial social screening - you do NOT want to be the guy that is screened out before you have had the chance to communicate.

Research shows that one of the key reasons women LOVE men with dogs is that this is a type of social screening. If a man actually cares for dogs maybe he is not the same as the hundreds of different creeps out there?

Being well dressed and showing you can be creative with how you choose your outfits not only makes you more appealing but also shows that you are actually out genuinely trying to meet new people.


When do you ever see someone out with a clean bomber jacket, fresh joggers and clean kicks doing weird/creepy stuff?


It is usually the creepy guy with the loose poor fitting jeans wearing hiking boots.

The guys in the fresh windbreakers are usually the ones getting attention because they have already passed the initial social screening test.

This does not mean that all fresh and clean dressed guys are nice and genuine but the probability is that these will not be the guys out on the street harassing girls.




Street wear in terms of different clothing styles can be the most expensive style out there - but is a key way to express yourself through the countless combinations of tops,bottoms and accessories. Despite the countless number of styles they all look better then loose jeans and hiking boots. Having the style that you chose helps you meet the people you want and even the girl of your dreams. Attracting the right people in your life is the most important element in a happy social life in our new modern world.