How We Began.

Oriental Drift startedwith the goal of creating exclusive street wear designs inspired by New York and Japanese street culture. Japan is known as the eastern capital for street wear and has produced many of the industry leaders like A Bathing Ape and Maharishi - whereas New York has inspired some of the biggest changes in fashion. We aim to fuse the two different cultures into a new look that appeals to everyone.



Our designers at Oriental Drift have travelled around the world experiencing many different cultures and have found that there is huge amounts of beauty in every corner of the planet. Our goal is to capture some of the beauty of Japan and present it to our customers with the highest level of quality and service. 
Each garment is individually handcrafted and inspected by workers using modern precise sewing technology to ensure each piece of clothing is at the highest quality possible. We aim to provide our customers with an exclusive product and service that they will not be able to find elsewhere.


We find it heartbreaking that with the huge abundance of clothing available in the world at the moment that there are still people going without - there are way too many of us who do nothing to change this. With the help of our rapidly growing customer base we have pledged to make a difference and every month we give away some our inventory to those in need.
We feel that it is extremely unfair that developed countries have an abundant amount of clothing to wear or even throw away, but millions of people around the world go without clothing and are struggling through each and every day. We believe that there’s always more we could do to change our world for the better - and with your help, we can.